On June 15, 2023, the Center for American Law Studies at the University of Warsaw is holding a
Conference on Advancing the Rule of Law in Turbulent Times.

The Center for American Law Studies was established 25 years ago as a joint initiative of the
University of Florida Levin College of Law and the Faculty of Law and Administration of
the University of Warsaw.
As of the beginning of the academic year 2016/17 two law schools from Atlanta, Georgia-
Emory University School of Law and Georgia State University College of Law have formed
a consortium with the University of Warsaw. They jointly sponsor the Center in its mission to
teach Polish law students American law and provide high quality programs. The program is
designed for the best law students and law graduates, as well for other students with a
particular interest in the American legal culture and system.  
The program offered by the Center is a one-year program. During each academic year the
Center offers eight two-weeks intensive courses. The classes are specially designed and
selected to give students the best understanding of the US common law system and unique
aspects of American law. The courses offered by the Center usually include topics such as:
Introduction to American Law, Constitutional Law, Torts, Legal Writing, Contracts, Business
Law, ADR, Criminal Law and Procedure, Property Law, Family Law, Environmental Law,
and Intellectual Property. All courses are taught by professors from Emory School of Law
and GSU College of Law. During the course of study, students are introduced to traditional
and innovative teaching methods used at American universities to insure a dynamic academic
and professional program.
Study in the Center gives the Polish law students and lawyers a unique opportunity to study
American law in Poland. The Center for over 25 years has been providing high-quality
program educating global lawyers and promoting values related to the rule of law.


  1. Defining /redefining the concept of the rule of law in internal and external crises
  2. Rule of law and sustainable development
  3. Rule of law and world crises/War in Ukraine
  4. Rule of law and business

The Conference will take place in person at the University of Warsaw main campus in the Old
Library. Experts from the United States, Poland, and Ukraine will speak during the Conference.